Where I am now

(*This entry is written with an LDS perspective and my experiences as a member of the church. If you find yourself reading this, and are not a member... please know these words are meant just as much for you as anyone else.)   This exact week last year, I met with a lawyer. I sat … Continue reading Where I am now

you’ve carried me.

It's been 4.5 months since I have been on here. I have had so many emotions and feelings about this space. Being back at BYU this semester, and especially in studying communications, I am gaining so many new insights on social media, blogging, and the effects these tools have in our lives. I have always … Continue reading you’ve carried me.

my truth

My counselor explained it to me this way,  "You're experiencing life right now as you would swimming in a turbulent ocean. You're being thrashed this way and that, forced in a direction you're not sure is towards the depths or the surface. Your body is tumbling and your bearings are lost. You might catch the sun's … Continue reading my truth